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Our goal is to create a platform for Liberians to promote and share information about Made in Liberia products, services, events, and personalities. We want to increase awareness and support for local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators.


More than 80% of the business in Liberia are classified as Micro, Small, and Medium size enterprises – with the majority being women-owned.  Liberian MSMEs are the lifeblood of the economy.  Despite their many economic challenges, they foster growth, and innovation, and create opportunities within communities. These enterprises operate on a smaller scale compared to their corporate counterparts, often offering unique products, personalized services, and a sense of authenticity.


We are proud to be a supporter of products and services Made in Liberia/Made by Liberians.  And with your support, we can help these businesses have far-reaching benefits, as well as elevate the Liberian economic landscape by generating employment, promoting sustainability, and preserving our local cultures. 

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