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Join the Conversation: Today - Domestic Violence & the African Diaspora Community

Domestic violence is a deeply concerning issue that haunts many women, especially within our African Diaspora community. Today, on SalaMartu & Friends, we want to shed light on the crucial relationship between domestic violence and financial freedom, as it is an integral part of empowering survivors.💰 Financial independence plays a pivotal role in breaking free from an abusive relationship. By having control over their own finances, women gain the ability to make decisions that align with their long-term well-being. It grants them the freedom to pursue their dreams, provide for their children, and reclaim their lives.

Within the last decade, we’ve seen the number of African women living in the diaspora gain a significant level of financial independence. Unfortunately, we are also starting to see the rise of domestic abuse coinciding with financial freedom. Some of the stories of these abuses often show abusers exerting control or lack of control of financial resources. 🌺 Watch the video on (VIDEO) and join Klade, Pat, Robena, Yardewa, and I, today Sunday, August 13th at 3 pm EST (which is 2 pm in Minnesota, 7 pm in Monrovia, and 8 pm in the UK). 🌺


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