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The Children of Lemongrass Street and Barbadians in Liberia

OUR HISTORY TV presents the historic documentary series featuring for the first time the collective living history of the Barbadians whose ancestors had been enslaved in Barbados. 346 free men women and children braved the Atlantic Ocean on the Brig Cora in 1865, for a new home in Liberia on the West African coast. In 2017, this project commenced with interviews to preserve the oral history of the Children of Lemongrass Street and Barbadians in Liberia.

Viewers will be taken into the homes of these descendants on six continents to experience candied heartwarming moments as they honor the ancestors with historic details of their determination, sacrifices, and contributions to society. The children of these ancestors continue the tradition of excelling in their careers and are making remarkable contributions throughout the world.

Let's inspire one another to explore and celebrate the tapestry of our past, recognizing its importance in shaping our present and future.



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